Sunglasses are cool, just depends when you wear them, and which ones you wear

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Since high school days, you were always considered to be cool if you were seen wearing a cool pair of shades. But not so cool, sunshine, today, perhaps more than then, it really does depend when you wear them. And it does matter which makes of sunglasses you have elected to wear. So, for example, you walk into your favorite bar and bistro at night and you amble along straight to the bar counter and look all around you while you wait on your order.

Deliberately, while you look and wait, you leave your sunglasses on your nose. Not cool, guys. See those folks staring at you. Now imagine what they’re whispering about you behind their hands. Sunglasses are for shielding your eyes from the sun, wear it outdoors, not indoors. If you are going to do the cool thing, you’ll have to be seeing wearing the right shades. Perhaps your eyesight is good enough, so you won’t be needing a prescription just yet.

But pick up cheap knockoffs at your corner store and you soon will be needing a visit to the optometrist. Rather go in for premium brands well known for designing and manufacturing good sunglasses that effectively keep the sun’s UV rays at bands, protecting your eyes. But for many, this wise and practical solution is just not possible. Such sunglasses, as beautiful as they are, are just not affordable. Actually, they are.

Go in, or should that be, go online for wholesale sunglasses and browse the catalogues, and you’ll soon see just how many designer brands out there have become affordable for you. Just think any brand under the sun, and there you go.