Industrial wipes are sustainable

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Not just industrial wipes, but pretty much all wipes, from those you will be using in your kitchen everyday to the one you will using while washing your car over the weekend. One thing that makes commercial and domestic use wiping rags sustainable is that they are prepared and manufactured from recycled materials, meaning, of course, that nothing should be going to waste. And to make sure that your wiping rag remains sustainable, means, of course, that you can use it over and over again, no matter how industrious you need to be in your domestic or industrial (commercial) housekeeping.

There is one series of cleaning rags that may be trumping all others. You could be hard pressed to find an alternative that is more sustainable than this. Read on. The sum total of the production mill has realized the diversion of over one hundred million pounds of waste from landfills. All this to produce domestic and industrial wipes. This recycling initiative forms part of the Reclaimed Textiles Industry Affiliation.

And it is considered to be, quite literally, a smart move. This move is part of the SMART Association, a smart acronym for the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles. And this organization, it is hard to believe, has been around for nearly a hundred years. It takes care of all your wiping materials, as well as recycled fiber and your used clothing. All members convert recycled and second hand materials from used clothing, commercial laundries and material off-cuts, as well as paper from mills, to produce your sustainable domestic and industrial use cleaning rags or wipes.

Domestic or commercial, cleaning and good housekeeping requires dedication and commitment. The same goes for keeping the environment clean through not wasting a thread.